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A Childhood of Domestic Violence, Parental Alcoholism, Drugs, Rape, Torture, Pornography, Trafficking, Death & Abandonment.A Kidnapping Ignored by the Catholic Church.And a Lifetime of People Who Didnít Care.

For information, please visit the Tiffany Moon Foundation.

Expected Publication Date:2014


Quarterly Music-instruction Guidebooks,

Adapted for Institutional Program Learning

1.Music Immersion:Study and Practice to Accompany Private Instruction, Young Learner

2.Music Immersion:Study and Practice to Accompany Private Instruction, Mature Learner



ESL Teacher-training Manual

Section contribution to amTEFL teacher-training manual for San Diego State Universityís American Language Institute

Institution Publication:2003


ESL Program

English through Music:A comprehensive, eight-week course in English using syntax patterns in music structure for listening and oral-grammar comprehension



Metaphysics Education

Series of metaphysical parapsychology materials for young learners

Project on hold


Philosophy & Speciesism

Compilation of essays and prose about speciesism and connectionism

Project on hold


Music Composition


The Harry Potter Opera Cycle

Seven-part cycle of operas based on the popular book series by JK Rowling

For information, please visit harrypotteropera.htm.

Project on hold


The Alice Cycle

Two-part cycle of operas based on the tales of Lewis Carroll

Project on hold


Grimm Tales

Collection of operas based on the cautionary tales of the Brothers Grimm

Project on hold


Teeny Tiny Operas

Collection of 10-minute operas, based on nursery rhymes and fables, for childrenís voices

Project on hold


Earth Songs

Collection of songs for meditation, ritual and celebration

For information, please visit Moon Metaphysics.

Project on hold


Harp Instruction Video

Instruction package, including text and video, for the Baltic folk harp (kantele, kannel, kokle, kankles)

Project on hold 


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